TRADEMARK™ is a 2.5-dimensional portal, known in the material realm as an interdisciplinary collective and platform that centers the work of independent artists. The portal transports artists, viewers, listeners, explorers, and experiencers into a world where they are tethered to art and each other by interdependent, renewable, and regenerative seams.

The portal exists autonomously, sustained by the dynamic energy of its artists and their creative output—sonic experiences, nodes of learning, visual explorations, and more. Its intention is to facilitate access to a digital world of works by and centering the human forces that design and redesign LGBTQBIPOC communities.

The word “trademark” (and its corresponding symbol) has been used to denote material ownership. We exist in the imaginative space outside late-capitalist narratives that separate creators from the means of creation and understand ownership as a collective and dynamic experience. Trademark is an energy that can neither be created nor destroyed and is perpetually transformed by a network of sound workers and visual teachers in service of collective liberation.

As a collective we exist to:
- Connect individuals to the community through diverse mediums of creative expression
- Offer independent LGBTQBIPOC artists a platform and support to amplify their work
- Share the portal