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At the Centre of My Being


At the Centre of My Being

The music video is a collaboration with visual artist Yuki Kasaï-Paré who describes the visual as “ the process of rebirth that comes from confronting our fears, even caressing them, and our strength as malleable beings.

It’s an echo of our dreams and nightmares – the feeling of losing grip and having to choose between letting go and hanging on tightly.

Tati au Miel – At The Centre Of My Being

Directed and Edited by Yuki Kasaï-Paré
VFX – Maiko Rodrig @maikorodrig
Title Design – Jonna Mayer
Mastered by Victor Bongiovanni @vixbongio

“At the Centre of My Being” Produced and Performed by Tati au Miel from the “Exorcism of Tania Daniel – Remix” EP

© 2021 Trademark™

Deidre – Wake (Official Video)


Montreal-based artist Deidre channels her work through the lens of performance, songwriting, electronic soundscapes, and avant-pop music production. She released the EP “OPAL” (2019) which reflects a deep study in chaotic, textural bliss and romanticism through electro-acoustic sound. 

“Wake” is about the challenges that our intuition creates to stimulate change and to reach ascension. The music video, directed by Maiko Rodrig, takes place in an in-between world resembling Mars, where Deidre is seen performing around an eternally burning flame.